Frankie the Mick is a minor character in Mafia II. He is an associate of the Falcone Crime Family.


He and Antonio Balsamo were given the job of protecting Harvey Epstein, Carlo Falcone's accountant. In Balls and Beans he was killed in the Clemente Slaughterhouse after the trio was kidnapped. When Vito is infiltrating the slaughterhouse, at one point he is spying on the loading bay where he sees the three men being led at gunpoint inside, and Frankie appears to have already been considerably wounded.

Mission Appearances


  • "Mick" is a derogatory term for a person of Irish descent. Mafia families have often been willing to work with men of any ethnicity and allow them to work as low-level members of the family, provided they can earn and have no government loyalty. Despite his low status, Tony is genuinely upset at his murder due to his remark, "Poor Frankie".
  • Frankie bears a strong resemblance to the injured man that Henry Tomasino pushes out of an elevator at the Empire Arms Hotel in Room Service.