This page is to list discrepancies found between The Story of Frankie Potts files and the Mafia II game. Please use the talk page to discuss the individual discrepancies.

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Direct Discrepancies

  • Eddie Scarpa's place of birth is listed as Chicago, but the family album lists it as Tamborra, which by all accounts is fictional.
    • Tamborra is also mentioned in the family album under Jack Olivero's entry, stating he and Eddie ran alcohol from there during prohibition, indicating it might be in Canada.
  • The files mention Lucky Luciano as attending a meeting of the Commission, yet the Genovese crime family, of which Luciano was a member, has no presence in the game. Luciano was also imprisoned in 1936, stepped down as boss in 1938 and later deported to Italy in 1946, making his presence anachronistic.
    • Al Capone is also mentioned several times.
  • The dates listed on Leo Galante's criminal history do not coincide with family album dates. Also, see other discrepancies section below.
  • Leo Galante's dossier states that he is unmarried when he is actually a widower. However this may just be a matter of semantics.
  • Dates and time of year do not match up. If Potts' assignment lasted 16 weeks and he was killed just days before Vito's return on April 10th, 1951, that would date the start of his operation in mid/late December. Yet the transcript documents are dated May - July with no year given.

Indirect Discrepancies

  • "340 Jenkins Street, Millville North" is listed as the address of a residential home. No residential neighborhood exists in North Millville, and the image appears to be taken from Greenfield.
  • None of the aliases and nicknames listed in the files are mentioned in the game. Most seem to have no logical origin, while others are downright absurd.
  • This image File:Frankie Potts Files 35a.png depicts a character referred to as "Eric" which resembles Eric Reilly, the background resembles the Scetta Apartment, one of his known hangouts. However, other references state he has drug ties within the Bombers which is not supported in game.
    • This file File:Frankie Potts Files 36a.png claims to show Eric's apartment in Sand Island, while this image File:Frankie Potts Map.jpg places it in Hunters Point. Additionally this beta image File:Eric Reilly 4.png shows an unidentified character resembling Eric being beaten in Derek's office, suggesting that Eric Reilly or a character resembling him may have played a different role in an earlier version of the game.

Out of Character References

  • Some of the crimes listed in Leo Galante's criminal history seem extremely out of character. Also, see other discrepancies section below.


  • Several character files list 5 or 6 digit zip codes along with their address. The zip code system didn't come into existence until 1963.

Other Discrepancies

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