Francesca Scaletta is a character in Mafia II. She is the daughter of Antonio Scaletta and Maria Scaletta and the older sister of Vito Scaletta.

"Where'd you get all this money from, Vito? You haven't done nothing you'll be sorry for, have you?"
Francesca Scaletta



Francesca Scaletta is Vito's older sister. A shy and quiet girl, she graduated from high school with honors and has run the church youth club since she was sixteen. Francesca tried to steer Vito away from the local street gangs when they were young, rewarding him with candy for doing chores and attending church. Now that they're older, all she can do is pray. Francesca, or "Frankie" as Vito calls her, lives at home with her mother, supporting them both with her bookkeeping job at the Trago Oil Co.


In 1945, Francesca visits Vito in jail and tells him that she's getting married to a man named Eric Reilly. Years later, when Eric abuses and cheats on her, she goes to Vito to ask him to talk with Eric. Instead, Vito gives Eric a brutal beating. Francesca later calls Vito, upset that Eric came home beat up.

Vito tries to play dumb, suggesting he probably got into a fight. She says he apologized and promised to be good to her, so Vito can leave him alone now. Vito agrees but says if he hurts her again, he'll kill him. Horrified by this, Francesca tells Vito to stay away from Eric and herself.


Mission Appearances


  • Francesca as she appears ingame
  • Francesca Scaletta from the family album