Fix the Fixers is a mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This mission is given by Tam Brodie. BJ Icon B
"Jimmy, it's Tam. Our Oriental problem just got a whole lot worse. The Chinese bosses have sent over three new captains from Hong Kong to fix the problems they've been having lately. As if Eddie Fu wasn't bad enough! We need to move fast, before the fuckers get settled in. There's a big meet up happening in Milleville. With a bit of luck if we kill them now the Chinese will give up on this city."


This mission involves an overwhelming amount of Triad enemy spread out over a large area with very little cover. The Triads will open fire from both ground level and the platforms above and several more will spawn throughout the mission. With a firefight of this magnitude expect the police to show up in large numbers and make things even more difficult.

Due to the fact that they respawn endlessly it's best to just concentrate on killing as few as needed to get to the captains. One sound strategy is to steal a Shubert Armored Van to use as cover as well as offer a safe haven while you make your way through the complex. Another problem is that it takes quite a few hits to drop one of the captains. Even head shots with a high powered rifle have little effect on them so be ready for that.

Start the mission and head across the street to the South Millville Industrial Estate where the Triads will immediately open fire on you. The first captain is located on the upper platform to the left of the gate. He can be difficult to get a clear shot at from below so you can stand atop a vehicle to gain some height or go up the stairs and kill him.

When he's dead make your way into the area where the next captain will be at ground level near the storage tanks. If you're in the armored van you can take your time and run him over, otherwise find some cover and kill him and any Triads that pose a threat.

Moving on, the last captain is on an upper platform in the far back corner of the complex. He's a little easier to get a clear shot from below if you're far enough back, otherwise use whatever method worked for you with the first one. After he's dead and you've had your fill of killing Triads, head to the safe zone and complete the mission.