Fish Gotta Eat is a story chapter in Mafia III.


After everything Lincoln has stirred up in River Row, Vito's got a line on Grecco's whereabouts.


Fish Gotta Eat 2

Lincoln and Vito go after Grecco

Lincoln heads to the slums of River Row to meet up with Vito. Grecco is holed up in a shack at the end of the block with some prostitutes. As they approach, a group of Marcano's men show up and Grecco jumps out a window and takes off. Lincoln and Vito get into Vito's car and chase after him. Lincoln suddenly notices Grecco is driving his Samson Drifter and wonders how he got his hands on it.

The two chase him down and Lincoln knocks him out cold before putting him in the trunk of Vito's car. Unfortunately all the commotion has attracted the attention of the police and now they need to lose them. After that, they take him back to Vito's place, where he goes to work on Grecco. They find out that Sal was worried Vito knew about his casino plans and would blab to The Commission about it.

As it turns out, Vito and Lincoln knew nothing about the casino, so they question him further and find out that Sal has paid off a lot of politicians to get the laws changed, making gambling legal in New Bordeaux. Once they have all the information Grecco knows, Vito turns on his chum grinder to dispose of Grecco and turn him into fish food.

With River Row back under Vito's control, Lincoln reminds him of their deal, and that he expects a cut of everything he makes. Vito then sends Lincoln to see his associate Alma Diaz to see if she needs any help supplying the rackets with profitable contraband.


Fish Gotta Eat 3

Lincoln and Vito interrogate Grecco

Meet Vito.

  • Vito will be waiting in the slum neighborhood in southwest River Row.

Get Grecco.

Kill Marcano's men.

  • Kill any of Marcano's men that are left at the scene.

Confront Grecco.

  • Approach Grecco and use the interact button to start the cutscene.

Lose the police.

  • After the cutscene, you will be in Vito's Potomac Gallant with a timer of 10 minutes to lose the police and get Grecco back to Vito's place.

Head back to Vito's.

  • Once you lose the police, head back to Benny's Ristorante with Vito and a cutscene will play, completing the chapter.


Completing this chapter grants the Fish Gotta Eat achievement. It also adds the Samson Drifter in the Vehicle Delivery menu and opens up the optional side chapter Seems Simple Enough.

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