First National Bank is a location in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


It is a small bank located in Down Town, Lost Heaven. It has a lobby, a room with counters where customers can interact with the bank staff. There is a stairway leading to the second floor, holding a number of offices, behind the counters. The very same stairway also leads to the basement where several vaults containing deposit boxes, gold bars and large amount of cash are present. The bank is guarded by a number of security guards.

It was first seen during the mission Omerta where Frank informed Tommy Angelo that the location of the family account books was the bank. After letting Frank leave with his wife and daughter, Tommy drove to the bank and collects the evidence.

In 1938, Tommy Angelo and his partner Paulie robbed the bank. They entered the door, went right to the larger room with the counters where Paulie declared that it was a heist and yelled at staff and customers to get down on the floor. At first, two security guards attempted to kill the two robbers, but after some intense gunfire both guards were killed. Tommy proceeded to the second floor, where three more security guards were killed before the key to the vault was stolen by Tommy after threatening the bank manager. After retrieving the key, he went downstairs where even more security guards were killed before he opened the vault and stole a lot of money. Shortly afterwards, the two robbers escaped by car to the Palermo Club.