Favors are a gameplay mechanic in Mafia III.


Favors are incentives offered by Cassandra, Thomas Burke, and Vito Scaletta in order to persuade Lincoln into assigning them territory. Once the initial home districts are completed, they will begin to offer favors at the racket assignments and district sitdowns.

Weapons will be presented as choices for the first, third, and fifth districts. Vehicle Modification is presented for the second and fourth districts. Special Weapons will be offered at the sixth and final district. Once a district has been permanently assigned at the sitdown, any remaining items from that set will be offered for sale through the Arms Dealer.

Maximizing Favors

You can do multiple districts at once to gain favors more quickly. The order is established by taking over at least one racket in a district, and they will always proceed in the order listed below. To do this, take over one racket in the first district to get offered the weapons in the first set, then move onto a racket in the second to be offered the vehicle upgrade set, then move on to a racket in the the third district to get the next weapon set. This will give you access to all three sets quickly.

You can also obtain all three favors in any set by giving each racket to a different underboss, then giving the district to the third at the sitdown. However, this may have a severe and lasting impact on underbosses' loyalty and kickback.

Vehicle Modifications

Vehicle modifications will be applied to all vehicles in the Vehicle Delivery fleet once they're unlocked or purchased and any performance boosts will be applied as well, however no actual cosmetic changes will occur to the vehicles. To obtain the actual cosmetic effect of upgrades like the supercharger or bodykit the player must visit any Big Rick's Custom Auto location and purchase them separately. Some options may also require additional unlocking through progression of the New Bordeaux Racing missions. After unlocking a new modification, you must have a new vehicle delivered before it will take effect.

Favor Sets

First District Set

Second District set

  • Suspension Upgrade - Cassandra
  • Bodykit Upgrade - Vito
  • Drivetrain Upgrade - Burke

Third District Set

Fourth District Set

  • Vehicle Armor Upgrade - Cassandra
  • Supercharger Upgrade - Vito
  • Bulletproof Tires Upgrade - Burke

Fifth District Set

Sixth District Set

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