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Falcone crime family
Location Empire Bay
Territory East Side, Oyster Bay, Midtown
Founded by Tomaso Moretti, but later named after Carlo Falcone
Years active 1913-Present
Fronts The Maltese Falcon, Garden of Eden, Zavesky Observatory, Falcone Mansion, Empire Bay Construction Co. (formerly)
Members Eddie Scarpa, Vito Scaletta (formerly), Joe Barbaro (formerly), Antonio Balsamo, Rocco (formerly)
Activities Hijacking, Arms dealing, Arms smuggling, Smuggling, Drug trafficking, Political corruption, Money laundering, Robbery, Prostitution, Counterfeiting, Selling stolen goods, Truck hijacking, Auto theft, Bookmaking, Contract killing
Allies Vinci
Rivals Vinci

The Falcone crime family (previously the Moretti crime family) is one of the three Empire Bay Families, the others being the Clemente and Vinci crime families.


The family was founded by Tomaso Moretti, who was later assassinated during the Vinci-Moretti War. The family then became headed by Don Carlo Falcone. During Falcone's reign, the Falcone's became a ruthless rising star in the Empire Bay underworld. They became the second most powerful family in Empire Bay and were the family that Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro would eventually join. However, due to the death of Falcone and many of their men, they were weakened significantly. As Eddie Scarpa was Falcone's underboss, it is possible that he became the new boss after Falcone's death.


Family Structure

 Don Carlo Falcone † 
 Underboss Eddie Scarpa

 Soldato Vito Scaletta*

 Soldato Joe Barbaro*

 Soldato Henry Tomasino

 Soldato Antonio Balsamo

 Soldato Frankie the Mick

 Soldato Berto Grossano

 Soldato Mickey Pietra

 Soldato Jerry

 Associate Jack Olivero

 Associate Marty

 Associate Frankie Potts

 Associate Harvey Epstein

 Associate Charlie

 Caporegime Rocco

 Soldato Traitor (Rocco's Crew)

 Soldato Traitor (Falcone)

† means deceased
* means formerly

Moretti's Regime

 Don Tomaso Moretti † 
 Caporegime Carlo Falcone

 Soldato Eddie Scarpa

 Soldato Antonio Balsamo

 Soldato Rocco

 Associate Jack Olivero

† means deceased
* means formerly


  • There is also a Falcone crime family in the classic gangster movie The Godfather.
  • By the game's end, only Vito and Harvey are confirmed alive in the family, as Balls is retired and Joe is most likely dead. Eddie's current status is unknown. It's also possible that as a result of killing Carlo Falcone under Leo Galante's orders Vito ended up in the Vinci Family.

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