The Exterminatore is a weapon in Mafia III.


Some fools might see this custom sawed-off and figure it's for show. It's usually the last mistake they make.

The weapon has a black receiver inlaid with an ornate gold pattern, gold-plated action and barrels, and pearl pistol grip and handguard. It has extremely high damage, but this comes at the price of high recoil and a slow rate of fire.


97 % Damage
6 % Accuracy
10 % Rate of Fire
10 % Capacity
11-39 % Stability


It is available with the Judge, Jury & Executioner Weapons Pack. Once downloaded it can be accessed free of charge through the Arms Dealer.

Real World

The Exterminatore is based on the Winchester Model 1887.


  • Aside from the custom appearance, this weapon is identical to the Elmwood 1925.


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