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Exit the Dragon is the 13th chapter of Mafia II.


Vito receives a call from Henry Tomasino saying that Carlo Falcone found out about the deal and took his cut of the take - sixty grand, and that they should meet him in the park to further talk about it. Vito and Joe Barbaro get dressed and go to Lincoln Park. A cutscene starts playing and shows Henry being slashed to death by the Triads. After killing all of Henry's attackers, a furious Vito and Joe follow Zhe Yun Wong to the The Red Dragon restaurant and proceed to kill every Triad they encounter. After the shootout, they interrogate Mr. Wong until Joe loses his patience and shoots him dead. Before he died, Vito and Joe learn that Henry was killed because the Triads had discovered that he was a rat working for the feds. Vito and Joe escaped the restaurant and decided to hide their involvement in this slaughter because it could start a war.


After talking to Henry on the phone, get dressed and out of the apartment. You'll be taking Joe's car, so head over to his garage and enter it. Now follow the mission marker to Lincoln Park, thus triggering the cutscene.

After the end of the cutscene, take cover behind the nearest object and shoot the Triad members attacking you. If you're playing in Hard and can't see the enemies on the HUD radar screen, be advised that there may be some additional enemies hiding behind their car until the end.

After killing the enemies, follow Mr. Wong's car from a safe distance to The Red Dragon in Chinatown. Once there, enter the restaurant, thus triggering the next cutscene. You'll find yourself taking cover behind a wall. At this point, just shoot all the enemies you can see - don't forget about the bartender. Then move up and hide behind the bar. From behind there, you'll have an excellent shooting position upon the enemies. There are some enemies in the windows above the stairs, so shoot through the planks covering them and kill them off.

Now, go down the stairs on the right and enter the next room. Just shoot the enemies you find and carry on. Basically, just proceed into the building in this fashion until you reach the elevator. Take it downstairs, get rid of the rest of the guys and then go kill Zhe Yun Wong in his office.

After the end of the cutscene, head into the room near the exit and grab some grenades, then head up the stairs onto the street. There will be a huge police blockade just down the street. Equip your grenades and throw one at the blockade. One good hit should be enough to incite the gasoline in the squad cars, thus blowing them up along with all the officers. If not, throw another.

Now, run out and steal a car. On your way towards Joe's Apartment, be wary of police - they'll be everywhere. When you reach the parking lot outside of Joe's garage, the mission will end.


  • The opening cutscene was originally intended for a mission that involves Vito going to destroy a warehouse full of Delizia sports cars under the orders of Stephen Coyne for Derek Pappalardo, but when the mission was cut, that cutscene was changed and put here instead.
  • Henry's death in Chapter 13 was foreshadowed back in Chapter 5, when he was shot by Sidney Pen in his thirteenth contract. He believed that was the reason why he got shot, as the number "13" is often associated with bad luck.
  • Towards the end of this mission, Ling Ting Tong by The Five Keys is played on Delta Radio.
  • After Vito and Joe exit the restaurant and enter a car you can hear the song Chow Mein by The Gaylords on either Empire Classic Radio or Delta Radio.
  • In this chapter, Joe uses a 1911 Semi in the cutscenes while he uses the 1911 Special in game.
  • If the player throws a Molotov Cocktail at a paper lantern it will catch fire and swing around, turning into a destructive weapon.

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