Empire Bay Transport Lines is the transport authority in Empire Bay that controls the train and bus services.

They operate subway and elevated rail trains as well as a bus transport service throughout the city of Empire Bay. The train service's route stretches between Sand Island, Kingston, Dipton, Chinatown, Midtown, Southport and West Side. There seems to be only one route in service, going all around Empire Bay. However, some districts of Empire Bay are lacking a train station.

Same thing goes for the bus services, there's only one destination: Greenfield. All buses are (supposedly) to depart from Greenfield as well as end their lines there. However, in reality, the buses take circular routes without ever stopping. The route stretches between stations in Greenfield, Kingston, Dipton, Little Italy, East Side, West Side, Southport, Oyster Bay, Midtown, Sand Island and Hunters Point.

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