Empire Arms Hotel is a location in Empire Bay.


It is a luxury hotel located in Midtown. Originally located in Southport, it was famous for hosting glamorous balls attended by movie stars, business moguls, and politicians. It burned to the ground in 1942, and was later rebuilt as a million-dollar development. It has 21 floors, a large underground parking lot, and a conference room on the 18th floor.


It is the main setting of the mission Room Service, where Vito Scaletta and Joe are ordered to assassinate Alberto Clemente at a mob summit by planting a bomb under the table. He survives, being in the bathroom when the bomb went off, and tries to escape. Their getaway driver Marty is shot and killed in the underground garage. According to the Frankie Potts files, Henry Tomasino owns a room at the hotel. In the basement is the laundry room where Joe and Vito masqueraded as hotel maintenance staff.


  • The building is based off the real life New York skyscraper the Lever House.
  • In the elevator of the hotel there is no button for the 13th floor, referring to people's suspicions of the unlucky number. This would mean that the hotel actually has 20 floors instead of 21, as what is called the 14th floor is actually the 13th.
  • From the roof you can see various buildings in the city, including the building under construction owned by Frank Vinci and the West Side Mall.
  • The piano is a "Tinkler & Songs" of 1894 and the song on the score is "Fairest Lord Jesus".