Emmanuel Lazare is a character in Mafia III.


Emmanuel is a Haitian exile and Cassandra's second-in-command. He is responsible for managing their weed operation at the First Baptist Church.


Emmanuel was a Vodou Hougan (priest) in Port Au Prince, Haiti, where he lived with his wife and children. Soon after Papa Doc Duvalier became president, Emmanuel found his political views at odds with Papa Doc and his secret police, the Tonton Macoute. When Papa Doc began killing anyone he suspected of political opposition, Emmanuel took action and organized a smuggling operation to get as many of them out of Haiti as he could.

Running boats every night for ten months, he managed to get 226 political refugees safely out of the country. They were mostly women and children, as the men had either been drafted or disappeared. This came at the price of his own wife and children, who were tortured and killed by the Tonton Macoute trying to locate Emmanuel. His children were bludgeoned to death, and they used electroshock on his wife to get her to talk. When Emmanuel last saw her, her eyes had ruptured from the torture.

After years of running, Emmanuel finally settled permanently in New Bordeaux and kept to himself for a time. He eventually joins up with the Haitian Mob, where Cassandra appoints him as her religious advisor and tasks him with running weed. He's been with her ever since.

Current Operations

After Lincoln Clay took the Community Church back from the Dixie Mafia, Emmanuel moved in and set up their weed operation there. He spends his time repairing the smuggling boats and organizing weed runs to the bayou. As second in command, he's responsible for taking over the Haitian Mob if something should befall Cassandra.



  • His wife was an artist and enjoyed drawing on anything she could get her hands on.


  • Emmanuel in the boathouse with Lincoln