Ellis Robinson is a character in Mafia III.

"Now who wants to get shitfaced?!"
Ellis Robinson



Ellis Robinson is Sammy Robinson's son and a member of the Black Mob. He was raised alongside Lincoln Clay, the family's adopted son, and the two became close friends and Lincoln was considered a Robinson. Ellis' mother Perla passed out at some point before 1968, causing a void of sadness in the family.

In the 1960s, Lincoln went to Vietnam to fight in the war there, leaving Sammy and Ellis alone for some time. During this time, Ellis worked with Giorgi Marcano, the son of Don Sal Marcano, to sell dope around New Bordeaux, especially in the French Ward and sometimes in Delray Hollow itself, despite both of their fathers opposing this.

Lincoln's Return & Federal Reserve Heist

In 1968, Lincoln returned from Vietnam and Ellis came pick him up in a station at Southdowns, and the two drove to Sammy's Bar and along the way, Ellis explained to Lincoln that Sammy was getting old and that he needed to "get his head out of his ass". Ellis explained their little dope operation, but Lincoln told Ellis that heroin was serious, but Ellis replied by telling Lincoln that they were only going deal around the French Ward and that Giorgi's uncle Lou Marcano would be glad to allow it.

Ellis was also present at the party in Sammy's celebrating Lincoln's return. He also assisted Lincoln in taking out Baka, the supposed leader of the Haitian Mob who was causing problems for them.

During the heist to the Federal Reserve, orchestrated and planned by the Marcanos, the Black Mob and the Irish Mob, Ellis and Danny Burke assisted Lincoln and Giorgi escape the Reserve through the tunnels beneath the city, and later escaped with Lincoln and Danny while Giorgi went separate ways.


Lincoln, Ellis and Danny then arrived at Sammy's and handed the money bags for Sammy to count. Sammy concluded that there we millions in each of their cuts, with one for the Black Mob, the bigger one to the Marcanos and one to the Irish. Giorgi arrived shortly with his father Sal and their associate Ritchie Doucet, who was supposed to pack up their cut.

While they were drinking, Giorgi revealed the Marcanos' true intentions by shooting Lincoln in the forehead and then executing Danny. Ellis was surprised by Ritchie, and even though he was able to struggle with Ritchie for a few seconds, Ritchie pulled out a knife and stabbed Ellis several times in the gut, killing him. Sammy was also executed by Sal and the bar was set on fire, with Lincoln being the only survivor.

After his death, Ellis is buried along with his mother Perla and father Sammy in the Robinson family tomb in the Delray Hollow Cemetery.




  • Before the Federal Reserve bank heist, Giorgi Marcano offered him to be his partner in the drug trade, ironically both of their fathers opposed this.


  • Robinson Family tomb, Delray Hollow Cemetery

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