Eddie Fu is a minor character in Mafia II. He is the boss of the Empire Bay Triads and runs Chinatown in The Betrayal of Jimmy.


Though he's based in Chinatown, he has connections and business dealings all over Empire Bay. His brother in-law is a customs officer at the Port, which is how they smuggle goods from their homeland in China into the city. He also deals bootlegged alcohol out of South Millville. His brother has close ties with the Empire Bay Police Department and often pays them off to harass and arrest their enemies.

He's very active in his local community and often puts on street carnivals where food and drink are served free of charge to the residents of Chinatown. He also hosts an annual fighting tournament called the Golden Fist to showcase the fighting prowess of his crew; the winner receives $1000 and a car as a prize.

Throughout The Betrayal of Jimmy, he is the main antagonist of Tam Brodie and the Brodie Gang. At one point he hired two Chinese assassins to kill Brodie, but that plan was foiled when Jimmy killed them in a gangland style shootout in Highbrook.

After the unsuccessful attempt on Brodie, the Chinese bosses sent three captains from Hong Kong to fix the situation in Empire Bay, but their plans were defeated again when Jimmy showed up at their meeting in South Millville and killed all three.

Like all mob bosses Eddie has his share of internal trouble as well. Someone in his organization decided to turn rat and sell him and his entire gang down the river by testifying for the district attorney. When he tried to have the rat killed, Brodie sent in Jimmy to protect him.

After a long battle for control with Tam Brodie and his gang, Eddie was finally killed in The Red Dragon restaurant along with what was left of his crew in the mission Bang Bang Chicken.