The Eckhart Champion PE is a vehicle in Mafia III.


The Eckhart Champion PE is a four-door police cruiser version of the Eckhart Champion. It features a black and white police livery and lightbar with four strobe lights and a single rotatory light in the middle. It also features a searchlight on the front fender that is used by officers when searching for suspects.

The Sinclair Parish Sheriff's Department uses this vehicle as well, instead of black and white its colors are khaki and white.


63 Speed
54 Acceleration
51 Handling
55 Durability


  • This vehicle is available from the start of the game and can be found throughout all districts of New Bordeaux.
  • The Sinclair Parish Sheriff's Department variant can only be found in Sinclair Parish when Faster, Baby! is installed.


  • It is similar in appearance to the first generation Plymouth Gran Fury.
  • The vehicle is considered police property, if Lincoln is seen driving one he will become immediately wanted by police or sheriff's.
  • The siren can be toggled on and off by using the radio station button.


  • Sinclair Sheriff's variant
  • Sinclair Sheriff's variant
  • Eckhart logo