Eaglehurst Plantation is a location in Mafia III.


Deep within the Bayou lies the haunted Eaglehurst Plantation. Local legend says that eight people have died there. Some say more. No one can seem to agree on the number because there is no record of who originally built the plantation. By all accounts, it's been there as long as anyone can remember or before records were kept.

The ancient estate looks to be serviceable, even lived in, but the property has remained empty for as long as locals can remember. That, of course, lends itself to ghost stories and visions of apparitions sighted. And yet, nobody dares to go there at night. Learn its long history during one of the local day tours available of the plantation's grounds and lower floors.



  • This location serves as the setting for Lincoln Clay and his underbosses to hold their sitdowns.
  • Outside of the sitdowns the plantation house cannot be entered.


  • Eaglehurst Plantation
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