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The Duvall Hall Science Center is a location in Mafia III.


The science center is named after Remy Duvall and is located on the Brandt University campus in Frisco Fields.


Racket Entrances

During takeover, the racket may be entered through the following points.

Ground Level

  • The main front entrance on the north side of he building.
  • Rear entrance on the south side.
  • Side entrance on the west side.

Second Level

  • Locked gate to the stairwell on the south side of the building.


Through the underground parking garage, accessible at two points.

  • Just north of the first building to the east.
  • Two buildings over, west of the Science Center.

Notable Items



  • Tac-Vest on the second floor in the west stairwell.
  • Medicine Cabinet x4, 2 in the building and 2 in underground parking.




Information coming soon.


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