Duffy's Irish Pub is a location in Mafia III.


Since the pub opened in Pointe Verdun over 60 years ago, it's attracted all sorts of artists, specifically writers. More than five noted authors have sat in Duffy's for days, drinking and writing, claiming the bar gave them inspiration for their books. It even became a second home to New Bordeaux's own Genevieve Fabry as she was writing her first collection of poems.

Fabry was known to frequent the bar to "silence the critics in her head". She passed out drunk and died in the bar after famously saying "Well, that'd make 18 straight Bourbon City Blinders. I think that's the record." It was.



  • On the wall next to the pub is graffiti reading "No Prods in Irish point". Prod is a derogatory term used by Catholics to refer to those who are Protestant.