Dominick is a character in Mafia III.


Dominick is one of Tony Derazio's henchmen and an associate of the Marcano Crime Family. He helps Tony in taking care of his businesses and rackets around Downtown and at some point of his life, met another associate of Tony, Geezer Cruzat and Gus Borelli on a bar.

In 1968, Dominick was present when Tony punished one of his underlings, Joe, by shooting him fatally. Dominick was then given the key to a Lassiter Majesty car by Tony for him to collect debts around Downtown for Tony and then bring it to The Royal Hotel with the car.


Lincoln Clay, who was working to kill Tony and take Downtown from him, planned an infiltration on The Royal Hotel in order to confront Tony. He had two options: steal Dominick's car and pretend to be him in order to gain access to the Hotel's garage, or just enter the Hotel guns blazing and shoot his way to Tony.


Dominick can be killed if Lincoln goes to the car location and kills Dominick in order to tie up loose ends or simply to defend himself from Dominick.


Dominick will survive anyway if Lincoln decides to go the hard way on the Hotel. Alternatively, Dominick will also survive if Lincoln decides to steal Dominick's car but steal it silently and leave Dominick alive without spilling blood.



  • The left side of his shirt displays the Hangar 13 logo.


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