Dogs are animals appearing in both Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven and Mafia II. They usually can be found guarding private property.

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

In most cases dogs will attack the player on sight, but they can be easily shot.

Dogs first appear in the mission Ordinary Routine where a dog is guarding the back of the motel. Then they appear in the mission Omerta in front of the art gallery near Little Tony. Later they appear in the mission Bon Appétit where you can find one in the backyard, then in Election Campaign where a few dogs are guarding the prison gates. They can be seen in the last mission, The Death of Art, where they guard the Thor 812 Cabriolet FWD Tommy steals for Lucas Bertone.

Mafia II

Dogs appear in Mafia II, but not as prominently as in the first game. You also never fight a dog, and they are nearly always seen in inaccessible places.

At the beginning of Home Sweet Home, you can see a dog running down the sidewalk when a rear view of Joe's car appears at the very end of the opening cutscene.

At the beginning of Murphy's Law, you can see a pitbull barking at two drunks in a yard out of a window in Joe's Apartment.

During Time Well Spent, a Rottweiler can be seen behind a fence in the prison courtyard when Vito is looking for Leo.

While selling cigarettes in North Millville in The Wild Ones there is a dog behind fence barking at people.

During Balls and Beans, you have to hide from a dog while infiltrating the Clemente Slaughterhouse.

Mafia III

While dogs don't appear physically in the game, their barking can be heard as you walk around New Bordeaux and its neighborhoods.



  • If a dog is killed by a vehicle explosion, its head may fall off. It can then be picked up and used as a melee weapon.

Mafia II

  • During gameplay, you may hear dogs barking, although this is just an ambiance sound effect; you cannot "find" the barking dogs. However, gameplay footage from E3 2008 shows a cop investigating a barking dog in the alley east of Giuseppe's Shop, which suggests that dogs were originally supposed to be seen around the city but were cut, with only the sound effects remaining.


  • A dog during Ordinary Routine mission
  • A dog during Omerta mission
  • Tommy using a dog's head as a weapon
  • Dog at jail