Dixie Mafia is a criminal organization in Mafia III.



The Dixie Mafia is a criminal organization who work with the Marcano Crime Family and are led by Ritchie Doucet. After Sal Marcano kills Sammy Robinson and the Black Mob, he hands over control of Delray Hollow to them.


With the Black Mob down, the Dixie Mafia then take over Delray Hollow, with their only minor competition being the Haitian Mob led by Cassandra. Cassandra allies herself with Lincoln Clay, protegee of Sammy Robinson who survived Marcano's attack, and starts to attack the Dixies' rackets. The Prostitution racket in Perla's Nightclub headed by Merle Jackson is taken over by the Haitians after Lincoln kills Jackson, and the Smack racket headed by Charlie Kincaid is taken over by the Haitians after Lincoln either kills or recruits Charlie.

With their rackets down, the Dixies' influence on the Hollow is severely damaged, and to make the situation worse, Doucet has a fight with Giorgi Marcano and hides out of fear in the Baron Saturday's Fun Park. Lincoln tracks him down and hangs Doucet on the Ferris wheel in order to send a message, and the remaining Dixies who survive are then killed off by Lincoln and Emmanuel Lazare.


  • Ritchie Doucet (boss, deceased)
  • Merle Jackson (racket boss, deceased)
  • Charlie Kincaid (racket boss)
  • Doctor Horse (pimp, deceased)
  • "Rooster" Desaulniers (pimp)
  • "Dirty" Gert Delong (pimp)
  • Doug "Hatchet" Marcheti (enforcer)
  • Deacon Caruso (enforcer)
  • Big Al (drug dealer)
  • Patrick (drug dealer)
  • Mo-Mo (drug dealer)
  • Natty (drug dealer)
  • Jesse (member)
  • Mickey (member, deceased)


  • Based off the Intel John Donovan gathered, it was Giorgi's idea to have the Dixie Mafia run the Hollow, supplying their heroin.


  • Boss Ritchie Doucet
  • Racket Boss Merle Jackson
  • Racket Boss Charlie Kincaid
  • Dixie Mafia enforcers
  • Member Jesse
  • Mickey and his pals firebombing Sammy's

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