Ditch Weed is a basic strain of cannabis found in the Mafia III DLC, Faster, Baby!.


Ditch Weed is the first strain of cannabis Lincoln and M.J. grow when setting up their new Grow House at Laveau's Compound.

Strain Details

  • THC: 10
  • CBD: 20
  • Growth Rate: Very fast.
  • Fragility: Very strong.
  • Yield: Low.
  • Quality: 84 - 100%.
  • Available Flavors: Bland.

See Also


  • Feral cannabis or wild marijuana, often referred to in the United States as ditch weed, is wild-growing cannabis generally descended from industrial hemp plants previously cultivated for fiber, with low or negligible amounts of psychoactive THC.


  • Basic Ditch Weed

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