Disposable Negroes is a conversation mission in Mafia III.


Father James discusses why he became a priest with Lincoln. He says that he lied previously about why, and that he didn't become one because of what he saw in the war, he became one because of what he did there and what it turned him into. He explains that while he was over there, crammed together with all the other "disposable negroes" that all the hurt and rage he'd accumulated over his life came boiling up.

Father James 4

Lincoln and Father James have a talk

All the men he killed in the war, should have meant something to him, they should have had weight, but it didn't. When he glimpsed that part of himself it was too much. He's worried that Lincoln isn't feeling the weight of what he's doing and it terrifies him.


  • Any previous conversation mission for Father James will be permanently deleted when a new one is added.
  • You may not be able to complete this mission unless you have started Sign of the Times. Attempting to visit Father James before then may automatically start the mission A Little Closure instead.

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