The De Costa Family Farm is a location in Mafia III.


The De Costa Family Farm is located in Sinclair Parish and is the family farm of Mitch "M.J." Decosta, which he uses in his weed growing business as well as a center for Roxy Laveau and her father to operate their civil rights movement in the Parish.

During the course of capturing Sheriff Walter "Slim" Beaumont, the farm is left in ruins and M.J.'s growing operation is destroyed. He relocates to Laveau's Compound, where he partners up with Lincoln Clay and the two build a new Grow House together.


Notable Items



  • Mayweather M04A3 on a covered crate near the main path during Ain't Nowhere Safer.


  • A wardrobe in the second floor front bedroom.
  • $875-$1250 in cash on a first floor bookcase.
  • Two notes, one on the front porch of the house and one in a shed.


Information coming soon.


  • Farm house
  • Greenhouse
  • Barn
  • House main room
  • House dining room
  • House bedroom with wardrobe
  • Note found at the farm
  • Note found at the farm