Danny Little is a character in Mafia III.


"Sweet" Danny Little is an up and coming boxer in Southdowns who's being pressured into throwing the championship match by a man named Johnny "Two-Dicks" Peralta. When he tried to refuse, Two-Dicks had some men break his brother's arm in three places. With his career and family on the line, John Donovan convinces him to help Lincoln by giving up any inside information he has on Tommy Marcano's gambling racket in Southdowns.

Danny fills Lincoln in on the racket and how Two-Dicks grabbed fellow boxer Eddie Kenner. He's holding Kenner somewhere while he sets him up in some off-book fights he has going on. These matches are fixed, and there's big money knowing who's going to win.

Once Lincoln's taken Two-Dicks' operation down a peg, he returns to Danny and learns that Two-Dicks came by the gym pissed off, waving his gun around and wanting to know who's been messing up his business. He told one of his men he'd be over at Wilcock's Saloon until he can set things right.



  • Building where Danny meets Lincoln