Culver Empire Theft is a vehicle theft mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

J Icon VT"Jimmy! Just the guy. You don't need to know the details, but I left a Culver Empire packed with explosives somewhere I shouldn't. Wires got crossed blah, blah, blah. I need you to go pick it up for me, before well.. you know... KA-BOOM. And drive carefully for God's sake, you'll take half the city with you if that thing goes off!"


This is the first theft mission Jimmy will receive. It's a fairly simple one, and it begins in South Millville. Once you start drive to the marker in North Millville to pick up the vehicle. Drive carefully but quickly to the garage in Sand Island and park under the rotating P icon to complete the mission. If the vehicle is in perfect condition you will receive $5250.00.


  • In the vehicle theft missions you're compensated based on the vehicle's condition upon delivery, so it pays to pick the lock rather than smash the window and drive carefully to avoid damage.