The Culver Dam is a location in Empire Bay.


It is a large arch-gravity dam in Empire Bay at the end of the Culver River. It can be traversed by the two lane roadway atop the dam and features an observation area with picturesque views of the river valley and many Empire Bay attractions.


The hills behind Empire Bay are dominated by the fantastic Culver Dam. When completed in 1933, it was the world's largest hydroelectric power plant, and still provides electricity to over 20,000 homes in the Bay State area. To obtain the rank of capo, Luca Gurino entombed his predecessor in the foundation of this dam.


  • You can only access the dam in Joe's Adventures.
  • It's similar in design to the Hoover Dam.
  • There is a Playboy Logo Small Playboy magazine located here.
  • Although folklore has it that Luca buried his predecessor in the dam's foundation, in reality such an action would cause weakness in a dam's structural integrity, likely ending in the dam's failure.


  • Culver Dam intake tower
  • Culver Dam viewing platform
  • Power plant below the dam
  • Upriver view
  • Downriver view
  • Winter view
  • Winter view
  • Winter view