Corleone Hotel is a location in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


It is a luxury brothel located in Down Town. Originally it served as one of the fronts owned by the Salieri Crime Family, however the hotel owner sold out to the Morello family which upsets Salieri. Eventually sometime in 1932, Frank Colletti ordered Tommy Angelo to kill the hotel owner and steal the money and documents in the office then plant a bomb to serve as a message to other front owners what happens to anyone that sells out to Morello, also kill the prostitute that has been giving information to Morello.

Shortly afterwards, Tommy arrived at the hotel and killed the hotel owner and fought his way through security, Tommy entered the room where the prostitute was staying and discovered that Michelle was the informant, Tommy spared her and heads to the top floor. He used the key from the reception to open the office and took the money and then planted the bomb and escaped by jumping through the window, the explosion damaged the hotel severely. It is unknown if the new owner of the hotel was willing to cooperate with the Salieri's or if it became a regular hotel.


  • The name of the hotel is a reference to the famous mafia film, 'The Godfather', in which the name of the main mafia family is Corleone.


  • Hotel exterior
  • Reception desk
  • Hotel manager
  • Hotel office
  • Hotel suite