Connie Demarco is a character in Mafia III.


Contraband Racket

Connie Demarco is an old friend of Vito's and will do anything to see him get back on top. After Michael Grecco was put in charge of River Row, Connie has been keeping an eye on the contraband racket run by Roy Thibideaux. When Vito sends Lincoln Clay to see Connie, he tells him that while Grecco is Sal's nephew, he's leaning on him hard for his kickback, which has Thibideaux scrambling to make money. There is also a rumor that he's selling stolen medical supplies to the Cubans.

Guns Racket

When Donovan needs intel on Barclay Mills, he reaches out to Connie to keep an eye on Pete Santini. Connie learns that aside from being in charge of protecting train shipments in and out of the area, Marcano has Enzo and Santini running a steady supply of guns into New Bordeaux. After Lincoln tears apart Santini's operation, Connie informs him that Santini is back at the train yard trying to get things back in order.