Concerned Citizens is a story mission in Faster, Baby!.


Slim's behind bars, but the folks working for him are still up to no good. Find out how to stop them.



Concerned Citizens 2

Lincoln and Laveau

Despite being in custody, Sheriff Beaumont is still trying to intimidate witnesses and destroy evidence against him. Laveau asks Lincoln to check on three citizens of Sinclair Parish and see if he can do anything to help them.


After speaking with Laveau, three sub-missions will open up: A Good Man, An Instrument of Justice, and The Proverbial Canary. Once these are done Lincoln can return to Laveau and complete Concerned Citizens.


Thanks to Lincoln's efforts, Slim will be staying behind bars where he belongs. Irma, Christian Remus, and his wife Blanche have left town under the movement's protection, but Jeremiah has decided to stick around and continue preaching to his congregation. Laveau thanks Lincoln for all he's done and tells him that Roxy sends her regards.


Concerned Citizens 3

Beaumont's arrest

Talk to The Voice.

Talk to The Voice.

  • Once the three sub-missions are complete, head back to Laveau's Compound and speak with him again. This wraps up the mission and completes the Faster, Baby! story chapters.


Completing this mission unlocks the Concerned Citizens achievement and the Lassiter Nightcrawler decal at Big Rick's Custom Auto.

After the final conversation with Laveau, Jonathan Maguire will explain that Sheriff Walter Beaumont was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison, of which he served 12. He was later shot and killed in the driveway of his home in 1989, but nobody was ever charged with his murder.


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