Christian Remus is a character in the Mafia III DLC Faster, Baby!.


Christian Remus, Esquire is an attorney at law in Sinclair Parish. He practices out of his Law Office just outside the town center. After the capture and incarceration of Sheriff Walter "Slim" Beaumont, the Sheriff had Christian's wife Blanche kidnapped and held by his deputies at Sinclair Scrap & Salvage in order to intimidate Remus into not testifying at his trial.

When Charles Laveau learned of the situation, he sent Lincoln Clay to rescue Blanche so that she and Christian could go into hiding until the Sheriff's trial. The couple left Sinclair Parish under the protection of men from Laveau's movement, and their present whereabouts are unknown.




  • Esquire is a title appended to a lawyer's surname.


  • Christian and Blanche in the Law Office
  • Note found in Remus's office