Charlie's Car is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Giuseppe Palminteri. JA Icon G
"Joe, I cannot thank you enough. My friends and I... we owe you. But there is still a small problem. My friends, they borrowed a car from Charlie for their job. The car needs to get back to Charlie but not if the cops are looking for it. Can you help me on this? I will make it worth your time."


Start the mission and drive to the marker by Culver Dam. This is one mission where police officers can actually help you, so if you happen to see any on the way slow down and follow them to the dam.

When you arrive several gangsters will open fire from the northern intake tower. If you have the police along they'll stop and keep them busy, letting you ignore them. Turn up the dirt road and the car will be parked behind two barricades. As soon as you get in a car load of gangsters will spawn up ahead, but if you park your car across the pathway when you arrive it will slow them down, giving you a good lead on them.

Your first stop has to be at a body shop to change the plates. However, the game won't give you a waypoint until you lose the gangsters. Your final destination is going to be Charlie's Service Station in Southport, so put a waypoint on that so you'll be driving in the right direction while you lose them.

Once you lose the gangsters and no police are tailing you, stop at the first body shop you come to and change the plates. Charlie won't accept the car if it's damaged so if it needs repaired do that as well.

Once the car is all taken care of drive the rest of the way to Charlie's in Southport and park under the rotating 'P' icon to end the mission.


  • Playboy Logo Small Playboy magazine #2 is located here; however, depending on how you play this mission it may be easier to come back for it later.