Central Island is a neighborhood in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


Located on the West River, this part of the city features 1930s-style skyscrapers that house the many businesses which serve the city. Important buildings such as the State Capitol and the Municipal Building house the offices of state and city officials like the mayor, the city politicians and other important figures. The Twister Theater, the Lost Heaven Art Gallery and Lost Heaven Prison are also located on this island.

A police station (the only known police station throughout the city) is located on the southernmost end of the island near the art gallery. The city tram line runs down the middle of the island before turning east and heading back up the island, along its perimeter. The island has two elevated railway stations, namely "Central Island" and "Giuliano Street", at the northern half of the island. There are various ways in which people can enter the island; from the Works Quarter by crossing the West Marshall Bridge, from Little Italy by going through the Central Island Tunnel, from New Ark by crossing the Giuliano Bridge, and from Down Town by crossing the East Marshall Bridge.

Notable Locations