The Celeste Marque 500 is a vehicle in Mafia.

It weighs 1200 kg, 160 HP, max speed of 105 MPH or 170 km/h, 6 cylinder engine, 5019 CCM, and a 4 speed gearbox. Its one of the fastest cars in the game.

The car makes several limited appearances. First, when you visit Lucas Bertone after finishing the mission Crème De La Crème. Complete his favor, and he will teach you how to steal one and where to find it. The next appearance is in the mission Happy Birthday, where Don Salieri is seen driven off in one. The car is later made available in traffic from Just for Relaxation onwards.

The car itself is based off the Mercedes-Benz 500 K [W29]. The Marque is different, because it is the only car that has separate brake and turn signal.

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