Images-Gameplay in Mafia
Mafia Category


This is where you will find all images in the category Images-Gameplay in Mafia.
Use this category for gameplay images in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. Read below for further details.

For a complete list of all Mafia Wiki categories see the Category List.

Do NOT use this category as a catch-all for images. Game play images are only those that demonstrate a specific action or aspect of how the game is played, a screen shot you took while "playing the game" does NOT make it a game play image!

The following are examples of images that belong here:

  • Images depicting where things in the game are located; like collectibles, mission start/end points or other hard to find items or locations.
  • Images used to show items in the HUD.
  • Images that demonstrate a game mechanic like lock picking, menu navigation or getting arrested.
  • A series of images used to demonstrate mission progression.

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