Cassandra is a character in Mafia III.

"Fear drives people to seek out all manner of protection. God, the Invisibles, the lwa. But sometimes that is not enough."



Cassandra 06

Cassandra in her Voodoo shop

Cassandra is the leader of the Haitian Mob in New Bordeaux. When Baka, who was widely thought to be the leader of the the Haitians, is killed by Lincoln Clay, Cassandra emerges as the groups true boss. [1] She forms an unlikely alliance with Lincoln, and together with Thomas Burke and Vito Scaletta, becomes one of his underbosses in an effort to take down the Marcano Crime Family.

She's as ruthless as she is mysterious, but one thing is for certain: The Haitian mob's alluring "Voodoo Queen" will destroy the human trafficking trade in New Bordeaux, no matter the cost.


See also Mafia III Endings.

Nothing is known of Cassandra's fate if Lincoln decides to stay and rule New Bordeaux. If she and Lincoln managed to get through the takeover of the Marcano Crime Family without any betrayal, it is assumed she continued to lead the Haitian Mob and work as Lincoln's underboss, running whatever territories Lincoln saw fit to give her.

Cassandra Rule

Cassandra's fate

If Lincoln leaves New Bordeaux and Cassandra assumes control of the city, there wasn't a crime boss from Boston to Miami who respected her claim, so the Commission, the Columbians, the Cubans, they all went after her. They realized too late that they had no idea who they were fighting.

Johnny Galante had his throat slit while watching Deep Throat in a porn theater. Manny Moreno was set on fire outside his daughter's quinceanera. Severo Garcia was buried alive on the beach and drowned when the tide came in. Anton Bagrov was beaten to death with crowbars in the parking lot of the Briar Patch.

After this the real criminals came after her. The governor declared martial law and sent in the National Guard, so Cassandra shot him in the head on the steps of the capitol building. After that everyone got the message: The city belonged to Cassandra. But the government is like a rogue elephant, it's murderous and patient and never forgets. The state pulled funding for the schools, city maintenance, you name it. If they couldn't get Cassandra, they'd strangle the city until it gave her up.

When the hurricane hit New Bordeaux, the locals called it hurricane Cassandra, it desisted the city. Nobody expected the damage to be so severe. The levees completely failed and flooding wiped out half the city and forced the other half to leave. The city turned into the ghost town it is today, it's hard to believe a city would be left to rot like that.

Some say Cassandra was one of the thousands who drowned in the flood. Others say she slipped away into the swamps and still rules what's left of the city's underworld from the bayou. Either way she's a ghost who hasn't been seen in years.


  • Jennifer Moran is a switchboard operator who can cut the phone lines for a period of time.
  • Jackie DuVernay runs a mobile weapons store that sells weapons, ammunition, vehicle modifications, supplies, and various upgrades.
  • Clifton Jean-Baptiste is a gunsmith who will improve Lincoln's weapons with various modifications and upgrades.


  • Caroline (daughter, deceased) [2]


Story Chapters

Optional Missions

Betrayal Mission


  • In the documentary cutscenes, Agent Maguire said he didn't know what was and wasn't true about her.
  • Cassandra is represented by a purple fluer de lis icon.


  • Cassandra as she appeared in the 2015 announcement trailer
  • Cassandra at the first sitdown
  • Lincoln Clay and Cassandra
  • Cassandra after Baka's death
  • Young Cassandra and her father
  • Cassandra with the Haitian mob
  • Cassandra and her daughter Caroline
Income Perk Available Upgrade Associate
$0 Arms Dealer Basic Arms Dealer: Buy Weapons On The Go Jackie DuVernay
$30,000 Arms Dealer Screaming Zemi: A Throwable Distraction Device Jackie DuVernay
$60,000 Gunsmith Gunsmith: Improved Accuracy Clifton Jean-Baptiste
$100,000 Operator Operator: Shut Down Phones For 2 Mins Jennifer Moran
$140,000 Gunsmith Gunsmith: Increased Ammo Capacity Clifton Jean-Baptiste
$180,000 Arms Dealer Screaming Zemi (Smoke) Jackie DuVernay
$220,000 Gunsmith Gunsmith: Improved Stability Clifton Jean-Baptiste
$270,000 Operator Operator: Shut Down Phones for 5 Mins Jennifer Moran
$320,000 Arms Dealer Screaming Zemi (Exploding) Jackie DuVernay
$370,000 Gunsmith Gunsmith: Faster Reload Clifton Jean-Baptiste
$420,000 Operator Operator: Kill Phones & Call Your Backup Jennifer Moran


  1. Lincoln's Journal
  2. Caroline is revealed to be Cassandra's daughter, not her sister as she previously said, in the final conversation of .45 in My Hand.

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