Carl Bevers is a character in Mafia III.



"Brooklyn" Carl Bevers is the Racket Boss who runs the moonshine racket in Pointe Verdun for Roman Barbieri. Descended from swamp people, Carl's family has a long history of producing moonshine that'll kick your ass from one side of the county to the other. He doesn't trust Barbieri, but he has no choice in working for him. [1]

Current Operations

Bevers uses his family's moonshine experience to run the hooch through the distillery. He keeps his stills well hidden deep in the bayou and only allows his trusted drivers access to the locations. He's strong-armed local liquor stores into selling his moonshine and even ships it out to nearby towns by rail car.


In 1968, Bevers' racket was taken over by Lincoln Clay, who was working with inside information he received from Nicki Burke. Lincoln damaged Carl's moonshine operation by killing his enforcers, personnel, and damaging the racket's stills and other assets. Once everything fell apart, Bevers resurfaced, giving Lincoln the opportunity to confront him. After successfully infiltrating the Sweetwater Distillery, Lincoln dealt with Bevers and ended his association with the Marcano Crime Family.



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