Can't Stop Me Now is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Charlie Lopez. JA Icon C
"Got a little situation here Joe. Did a little extra body work on a car as a special order. Rigged the brakes so they would give out after a few days. Problem is some dumb grease monkey here gave the car to the wrong guy. But there's some folks we know that ain't gonna be happy if that car ain't here when they need it. I need you to get it back. If you're lucky, the brakes will still work fine. But hey, way you drive, it's not like you use the things anyway."


Drive to the observatory in Hillwood where you'll find a supercharged Shubert 38 Hearse in the parking lot. You need to deliver the car to Charlie's in Southport. The problem is that the car has no brakes, which includes the emergency brake and speed limiter.

Time can be real tight on this one, so if you drive too slowly you won't make it. It's really not as difficult as it sounds. Just follow your GPS as you make your way there, and if you need to slow down along the way, you can always crash into the back of another car. There is no limit on damage, so as long as it is still driving when you get there, it will be accepted.

When you reach the destination, stop under the rotating "P" icon by hitting the building just ahead and end the mission.


  • Try not to use reverse or come to a complete stop if you're on an incline or hill going up. If you do, the vehicle will begin to roll backward, and with no brakes you won't be able to accelerate forward until the vehicle comes to a full stop on its own.