Butterbean is a character in Mafia III.


Butterbean is a fiery-tempered man who works for Pops Holland as his right-hand man, leading and organizing Pops' air drop operations in Tickfaw Harbor.


After losing the smuggling operation in River Row, Pops has had to resort to air drops in order to get his goods into New Bordeaux. To keep the operation running smoothly Pops placed Butterbean in charge. He had a radio operator in Holland Bros. Shipping & Freight inform him when it was time for air-drops. While taking over Tickfaw Harbor, Lincoln Clay interrogated the radio operator and learned Butterbean's location. He was then confronted by Lincoln, who killed him to weaken Pops' racket.



  • Butterbean's death will cause $15000 damage to the racket.


  • Note found with Butterbean