Burke's Iron & Metal is a location in Mafia III.


Burke's Iron & Metal is a scrap and salvage business in Pointe Verdun owned by Thomas Burke, who uses it as a base of operations for the Irish Mob. It also serves as his home, where he lives in a small room in the back.


Notable Items

Some items may only be available while a specific mission or objective is active.


  • Playboy Magazine May, 1967. In Burke's workshop to the left of the main entrance.
  • Vargas Painting #11, in the room behind where Burke stands behind the counter.
  • Vargas Painting #31, on the opposite end of the yard, in the building where you first meet with Nicki.




  • Clothing Wardrobe in the living quarters in back room of the main office.
  • A note, in the building where you first meet Nicki Burke.


Information coming soon.


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