Brother and Keeper is a mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This mission is given by Sal Gravina. BJ Icon G
"Jimmy? It's Sal. I just had a little meeting with your friend Tam Brodie. We're both in agreement that there has been too much chaos recently, too much violence. We're both getting a lot of heat from the law. So, we need to finish off the Bombers, kill Elroy Tussle. He's holed up at the old Distillery in Sand Island with his halfwit brother Duke. Take them both out."


Come prepared for a fairly good sized battle on this one. This mission is in the same location as the battle from The Buzzsaw in the main game. However, unlike the main game, they don’t always stay in cover or even in one place. They have no hesitations about rushing your position, often two or more at a time from different sides, so choose your cover wisely and be prepared for them to flank you. You'll have five floors to clear out with eight to ten Bombers on each floor.

Once you enter the distillery immediately take cover and begin taking out the Bombers, working your way to the the back where you will need to climb the stairs to the second level. At the very back of this floor is the first Tussle brother, kill him and backtrack to the stairs and head up. Work your way through the next three floors to the fifth, where you will find the last of the two Tussle brothers at the back behind some boxes. Kill him and head back out the way you came to the safe zone across the street from the entrance.