The Brodie Gang is a criminal organization featured in the Mafia II DLCs The Betrayal of Jimmy and Jimmy's Vendetta.



The Brodie gang is under the leadership of Tam Brodie. Together with his cousins Sean, James, and Bill, they run the Irish neighborhoods of Kingston and Dipton. They're involved in a variety of criminal activities around Empire Bay, including running liquor, stolen goods, and protection rackets.

War with the Triads

They've had a long running war with the Empire Bay Triads and their leader Eddie Fu. They employ Jimmy, a ruthless enforcer, to deal with the Triads and ultimately kill Eddie Fu and take down their operations. Once the Triads are destroyed, Tam Brodie conspires with Sal Gravina and Judge Hillwood to set Jimmy up on drug charges, sending him to prison for 15 years.


When Jimmy escapes from prison he seeks revenge on Tam and the Brodie gang for their betrayal. One by one their operations are destroyed and their members killed until their organization falls into ruin. In a final showdown at the Empire Bay Forge, Jimmy kills Tam along with what remains of his gang.



  • As both Jimmy DLCs are set in an alternate timeline of 1950s Empire Bay, the Brodie gang is not meant to be canon with the Mafia Series.


  • Tam Brodie
  • Sean Brodie