Bridge Bombing Zeppelin is a mission in Free Ride Extreme. The starting point is located in front of the hospital in New Ark. In this mission you have to deliver a Bolt Ace to a specific destination in Chinatown in 3 minutes. Furthermore, the car's feebleness is peppered with a "technical problem" it suffers - if driven just above 40 mph, the engine starts to "cough", slowing you down to below 20 mph. The only possible way in this time limit is over the Terranova Bridge. However, there is a zeppelin above the bridge and as soon as you enter the bridge, it will start dropping bombs. One or two hits by the zeppelin's bombs will render your car undriveable; it will stop and after a while, explode. Just like with the Exploding Celeste mission, this subquest is virtually impossible if you own a better hardware which gives a good framerate. But lowering the framerate will reduce the rate of bombs dropping and thus, the probability of your car being hit. After completing this mission, you'll receive a bonus car, the Black Metal. It's parked behind the building at the end of the Terranova Bridge.


  • Activating the Speed Limiter will stop the car from losing speed.
  • Also, if player can't go past the bridge, may use other car to push Bolt through the bridge before the start of the mission and then just drive through it with use of it, with Lassiter V16 Fordor being the best choice as it is the fastest non-prototype available in Free Ride Extreme mode.
    • If going this way, player has to remember that as soon as he will gain speed (at least about 50 mph) he needs to change gear to neutral so if engine fails, car will not stop and will be able to hopefully drive through the bridge. Also it is ill advised to quickly stop as the car will probably explode cause of damage.