Braxton Harless is a character in the Mafia III DLC Sign of the Times.


Braxton Harless served as a General in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He was also the head of the Harless clan and a prophet of The Ensanglante. As a Confederate general, Harless was awarded a medal after slaughtering a large number of runaway slaves. He and his family lived on a large plantation in western Frisco Fields that has since fallen into disrepair.


Braxton Harless claimed that Pere Sanglant, the entity worshiped by the Ensanglante, appeared to him while on a hunt to eradicate the "savage Filth" in the great plains. In this encounter, Harless claimed the entity reached forth with his great talons, embraced his soul and spoke. From Pere Sanglante's mouth poured the blood of all mankind, filling Harless' nostrils, ears, and running down his throat. While he was engulfed in the warmth of the blood, Pere Sanglant bestowed his wisdom upon Harless.

With a great consummation within the Harless bloodline, Pere Sanglant will be born into flesh. That incarnation will be known as The Blessed. With this birth, the Well-Borns will rise, and The Filth will be washed away in the geysers of their own blood.


Braxton Harless is mentioned in the following missions:


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  • Lincoln holding the photograph of Braxton Harless
  • General Harless' remains
  • Harless family tree
  • Harless family tree