Bourbon City Blinder is the signature drink of New Bordeaux.


The origins of the Bourbon City Blinder, like most alcoholic drinks, is a little hazy at best. The way the local story goes, one bartender was done with a particularly rough shift working in the French Ward. Looking to unwind he grabbed the first few bottles he could get his hands on and mixed them together into a mason jar he had sitting around.

The bartender was so proud of his concoction, he spent the rest of the night stumbling around town telling everyone of the creation. Word of that simple combination spread and has since become the signature drink of New Bordeaux, with several hot spots claiming to be the home of the original Blinder.


1 ounce Humphrey's bourbon.
2 ounces rum - dark rum.
3 ounces ginger beer.
2 dashes aromatic bitters.
1 lime wedge.


  • Local New Bordeaux author Genevieve Fabry holds the record for consuming the most Bourbon City Blinders in a row at Duffy's Irish Pub. After finishing her eighteenth one, she passed out drunk and died.