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Location Empire Bay
Territory Hunters Point
Sand Island
Years active 1943-Present
Fronts The Lone Star
Steaks & Chops
Bombers Headquarters
Members Earl
Activities Drug dealing, illegal gambling

The Bombers are an African-American gang situated in Empire Bay, mainly in Sand Island and Hunters Point. They deal mainly in drugs, but they are not as influential as the mafia families or the Triads, having to depend on them for their shipments.


They are first encountered the day after Vito Scaletta returns home, when he tries to steal the car for Mike Bruski. Vito can either knock out or kill a gang member that spots him when entering the back lot where the car is located. When stealing the car, fellow gang members spot him and attempt to kill him, and later also attempt a car chase with him.

After Henry Tomasino purchases the load of drugs from the Tongs he, Vito and Joe Barbaro sell most of the shipment through their dealer network.

Their headquarters are in Hunters Point. The Bombers are one of the least encountered gangs in missions, as there are only two missions that involve them. From 1950-51 a gang war had broken out between the Irish and the Bombers. The war weakened both gangs, while the three Italian mafia families profited by hiring members of the Irish and the Bombers to attack each other, effectively playing both sides against one another, while behind the scenes making thousands dollars from the event.

During regular gameplay, if the player robs or shoots up the Lone Star, a bar in the Bomber's territory, it is possible for gangsters from the Bombers to chase after you and shoot you even after you drive away.


Mafia IIEdit

The Betrayal of JimmyEdit


  • They are the only gang that are featured in the demo.
  • They seem to own or at least frequent The Lone Star, a bar on the west side of town.
  • It is possible that Leon the bartender is a Bomber, due to him running the Lone Star.
  • It is possible that the name 'The Bombers', is from the novel and movie 'The Wanderers', in which the main African American gang are the 'Del Bombers', the leader of which wears a jacket similar to that which the Bombers in the game wear.


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