The Bombers are an African-American gang in Empire Bay. They operate out of Sand Island and Hunters Point, dealing mainly in drugs like marijuana and heroin. While not as influential as the mafia families, they are still a deadly force not to be trifled with.


The Bombers are first encountered in Home Sweet Home when Vito Scaletta goes to steal a Walter Coupe for Mike Bruski from the back of The Lone Star. Later, in Sea Gift, after Henry, Vito, and Joe buy a shipment of heroin from the Triads, they sell some of it to the Bombers.


Mafia II

There are no named members that appear in the main game.

Frankie Potts Files

There are two named members mentioned in The Story of Frankie Potts.

The Betrayal of Jimmy

There are four named members that appear in The Betrayal of Jimmy.


  • They are the only gang that are featured in the demo.
  • The Bombers are one of the least encountered gangs in the game, as there are only two missions that involve them.
  • While there is no set uniform or gang colors, some of their members will be seen wearing porkpie hats and/or jackets with colored stripes on the sleeves.


  • Elroy Tussle
  • Duke Tussle
  • Daniel
  • Charon