Bomb Under the Seat is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Giuseppe Palminteri. JA Icon G
"Joe, a customer came in today and offered me a good deal on his car. Cars are usually not my thing, but this deal is too good to pass and the guy desperately needs the cash. Can you take the car to Charlie and sell it? You know cars better than I do and I trust you will get us a fair deal. Of course, you will get a good cut from the profits. Be careful, Joe. There's something... funny about this guy. He was anxious to give me the car."


This can be a very frustrating mission. You need to drive the car from Giuseppe's in Little Italy all the way to Charlie's in Southport without dropping your speed below 35 mph for more than 3 seconds, because if that happens, the car will explode! The reason it can be frustrating is that the majority of the way will be a piece of cake and the only hard part is the last few blocks.

Start the mission, but once you get in the car ignore your GPS! We're not going to worry about all that city traffic and red lights by going that way. As you exit the parking lot turn left, head straight up, and then onto the highway. You'll also want to ignore the GPS when it tells you to exit in Chinatown; instead keep taking the highway all the way down to Southport.

There's no need to speed along the highway; take it easy and watch out for other cars to avoid an accident. When you get to the southwest part of the highway, just before it rounds the bend and heads north, take that exit and follow your GPS from there to the garage. The hardest part will be this last stretch.

When you get to the garage you don't need to stop; just drive through the 'P' icon and the mission will end.