Bobby Bastian is a character in Mafia III.



Bobby "Veal" Bastian is the Racket Boss who runs the PCP racket in Frisco Fields. A top chemist, Bobby turned his knowledge into cooking PCP for Olivia Marcano when he was hired to upgrade all aspects of Olivia's drug operation. Paranoid, ruthless, and vindictive, he won't let anyone stand in his way. [1]

Current Operation

Olivia has the perfect setup, a captive clientele of speed freaks too chickenshit to venture into the French Ward for their fix. Meanwhile, Bastian keeps the PCP supply flowing via a very discreet distribution system using taxis that operate out of Priority Cabs, delivering their product to the bored housewives of Frisco Fields. To ensure a steady supply of a top quality product, they brought in three PCP cooks from San Francisco: Gabe Chauvin, "Beaks" Brunner, and Lonnie Grima.


In 1968, Bastian's racket was taken over by Lincoln Clay, who was working with inside information he received from Bear Donnelly. Lincoln damaged Bastian's PCP operations by killing his cooks and other personnel, and damaging the racket's assets. Once everything fell apart, Bastian was drawn out, giving Lincoln the opportunity to confront him. After successfully infiltrating the Duvall Hall Science Center, Lincoln dealt with Bastian and ended his association with the Marcano Crime Family.



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