Blowing Cover is a mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This mission is given by Sal Gravina. BJ Icon G
"Hi, Jimmy. The Bombers are running drugs around the city and I just won't stand for it. Drugs are bad news Jim, they make people crazy. Plus the fact that they are making that asshole Elroy Tussle rich! I'm hearing that his crew uses fruit and vegetable deliveries as a cover for moving this muck around. Destroy all their trucks. Hopefully that will close this business down for good."


This mission is very straightforward, simply drive to each of the three locations and destroy the marked trucks. A bullet to the gas tank works well for this. Each truck will be guarded by one or two Bombers, if the explosion doesn’t take them out, just kill them and move on to the next location. When all three are destroyed go to the safe zone to end the mission.